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Dawn's Story

Crystal Bliss was born out of love.  My children have grown, twenty and eighteen now, and I needed something to fill me up the way those two beautiful people did. Being a mom is a gift from God, and now that they are older and independent it was time for me to put energy into my other great love.

Crystals and geodes have always captivated me and gave me a sense of connection to this world.  Being around crystals is similar to being near the mountains, ocean, or a forest.  The energy is real, you can feel it.  The vibration and energy emitted from our world is real.  We are part of this world and that is why if you are open to it, you too can feel the energy these amazing crystals radiate.  

With my loving husbands support, Crystal Bliss was born out of a desire to share not only their amazing beauty but also their ability to help us with our lives.  My intention is for love, peace, prosperity, and abundance for all.  I wish every one of our clients not only gets a one of a kind piece of this wonderful earth for their own self-discovery and journey but also learns something every time you visit.  My journey is to learn and to share what I know and I hope you share with me your crystal experiences.

Make a wish and follow your dreams. Remember what you think is what you do, what you do is who you become.  Make your wish, think of it often and follow your dreams.  I hope these stunning crystals help you manifest your heart's desire.

With love and unity, Dawn