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Velvet Obsidian Sphere
Velvet Obsidian Sphere
Velvet Obsidian Sphere

Velvet Obsidian Sphere

$150.00 0.895 kg

Velvet Obsidian is very grounding and is excellent for restoring balance in your life, spiritually and physically.  Spheres radiate energy smoothly and evenly in all directions so by having an obsidian of your own, it will provide you with stability throughout your routine.  Take it with you on your journey through life, no matter where it takes you.


-Type: Sphere
-Size: 29mm
-Weight: .895kg (1.97lbs)

Velvet Obsidian Crystal Properties

Black obsidian will draw out stress and tension for a calming effect and assists you to know who you truly are.  It gives you strength and patience needed to overcome challenges while shining a light on the negativity and clearing it away.

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